Hier sind erst mal die singles


                  Alias  H.I.M. 1996  “ Looking ´out 4 luv “

Alias  Sir Prize  1997  “ Don ´t go away “

Im Background von “ Der Wolf “   “ Sei dein eigner Held “

1998 Young Deenay feat. Sasha “ Walk on by “

1998 Young Deenay feat. Sasha  “ I wanna be your lover"

6/98 erste Solosingle als SASHA “ I ´m still waitin`”

1998  If you believe “

1999 “ We can leave the world “

1999 “ I feel lonely “

2000“ Let me be the one “

2000“ Chemical reaction “

Owner of my heart  

2001   mit dabei bei “Edo Zanki und Freunde”  “Gib mir Musik”

10/2001 "Here she comes again" (auch erhältlich als limitierte Ausgabe)

This is my Time

Und Jetzt die Albums:

Dedicated to...

Lieder: 1.If you belive (Zeit: 4:27)

            2.Don´t say goodbye (4:12)

            3.I feel lonely (3:58)

 4.I´m still waitin´ (unreleased Album version) (4:02)

5.Keep on runnin´ (4:17)

6.Easy (4:06)

7.Get down (I wanna get up) (4:18)

8.Lost in your blue eyes (4:55)

9.Let me have you girl (4:10)

10.Right on time (4:02)

11.Raindrops (3:30)

12.We can leave the world (5:31)

          Album2: ...You  

Lieder:1.Let me be the one (4:15)

2.Love is all around (5:01)

3.Take good care (3:51)

4.Something stupid (featuring shemsi) (4:19)

5.Chemical reaction (4:25)

6.Club Cést la vie (3:53)

7.Pretty Thing (4:07)

8.Take my Hands (3:30)

9.Don´t you forget me (4:07)

10.Owner of my Heart (3:40)

11.It ain´t that bad (3:54)

12.Reach inside (4:41)

Album3: surfin´ on a backbeat


2.blown away(3:19)

3.turn it into something special(4:40)

4.one look in your eyes(4:11)

5.here she comes again(3:54)

6.everybody loves you(4:29)

7.on and on(4:00)

8.let´s get closer (3:17)

9.just a second away(4:13)

10.drive my car(3:44)

11.days like these (3:52)

12.why does everybody hurt(3:32)

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